Saturday, October 6, 2018

HiTi P525L Printer Driver Download

HiTi P525L Printer Drivers. This HiTi P525L is easily transportable and with impressive print speeds, the P525L Photo Printer from HiTi features improved durability and color compared to its predecessor and provides an excellent solution for photo booths and on-location event photographers to produce quality prints on the spot. This printer uses dye diffusion thermal transfer with a max resolution of 300 dpi to produce full color prints rapidly. It can produce a 4 x 6" print in just 12.8 seconds along with the ability to create 5 x 7" and 6 x 8" prints when needed. Additionally, users can select between either matte and glossy finishes.

Operation is simple with a monochrome LCD to check printer status and five hard buttons. Also, the unit has USB 2.0 connectivity for working directly with a computer and it can accept an optional Wi-Fi dongle which adds support for direct access from an Android or iOS device. This 4 x 6" Ribbon & Paper Case from HiTi comes with two paper rolls and two ribbons for P520 series printers. Each paper roll will produce 500 4 x 6" prints for a total yield of 1000 images. And, through options on the printer, it can be set to a glossy or matte surface finish.

HiTi P525L Driver Download

I love film camera and decided I would open my own lab. I searched for the best budget dry lab printer aka Dye Sub. I have it connected to a windows 7 computer and it works perfectly and in this environment it was super easy to setup. The pictures are crisp is look professional. However the matte finish is applied to the print at the end and is not the same quality matte finish you would get from a $50,000 professional lab printer. I am a certified computer tech and I can't figure out how to get this to print wirelessly from my cell phone. The directions are as clear as mud. Also there is no Ethernet port on this or any Hiti printer.

Bottom line, if your using this with a windows computer than its a 5 star printer. If your planing to use it with a tablet, the best of luck to you as there is no built in wifi, no Ethernet and the NFC only seem to work in conjunction with the Wifi which requires an extra adapter but they don't tell you which one. Oh the printer is also loud like a 1980's xerox copy machine going full steam ahead. If your on a tight budget and using Windows I recommend this printer. If your using android you might want to look elsewhere.

HiTi P525L Printer Driver Download


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